Bezawada Bruhadeshwar

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Recently Lee and Liu proposed an efficient password based authentication and key agreement scheme using smart card for the telecare medicine information system [J. Med. Syst. (2013) 37:9933]. In this paper, we show that though their scheme is efficient, their scheme still has two security weaknesses such as (1) it has design flaws in authentication phase(More)
Malware detection and prevention is critical for the protection of computing systems across the Internet. The problem in detecting malware is that they evolve over a period of time and hence, traditional signature-based malware detectors fail to detect obfuscated and previously unseen malware executables. However, as malware evolves, some semantics of the(More)
Privacy has been the key road block to cloud computing as clouds may not be fully trusted. This paper concerns the problem of privacy preserving range query processing on clouds. Prior schemes are weak in privacy protection as they cannot achieve index indistinguishability, and therefore allow the cloud to statistically estimate the values of data and(More)
The Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) is the de facto inter-domain routing protocol that connects autonomous systems (ASes). Despite its importance for the Internet infrastructure, BGP is vulnerable to a variety of attacks due to lack of security mechanisms in place. Many BGP security mechanisms have been proposed. However, none of them has been deployed(More)
In this paper, we propose a new biometric-based user authentication mechanism in heterogeneous wireless sensor networks. The proposed protocol provides strong authentication compared to traditional related password-based schemes and achieves good properties such as works without synchronized clock, freely changes password, low computation costs and mutual(More)
One important challenge in wireless ad hoc networks is to achieve collision free communication. Many MAC layer protocols have been proposed by considering various communication models of the ad hoc networks. One such protocol is TDMA, which provides for interference free communication while providing some bound on the packet delay. However, most proposed(More)
Firewalls have been widely deployed on the Internet for securing private networks. A firewall checks each incoming or outgoing packet to decide whether to accept or discard the packet based on its policy. Optimizing firewall policies is crucial for improving network performance. Prior work on firewall optimization focuses on either intra-firewall or(More)
We consider the novel problem of oblivious retrieval of images from an outsourced database server. Due to the complexity of managing images, in modern enterprise networks, individual users and organizations are using the services of external servers to store the images. The problem is to query and retrieve images while simultaneously satisfying the criteria(More)