Beverly Newton

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Motor unit spike counts in the biceps brachii muscle were evaluated using a monopolar needle electrode during maintenance of antigravity posture with the elbow flexed to 45 degrees before and after maximal voluntary contraction (MVC). After MVC, the number of motor unit spikes/second needed to maintain this posture was about 50% less than prior to MVC.(More)
An ion chromatographic method was developed for the determination of nine inorganic and organic acid anions at sub- to low-microg/l levels in power plant water samples. In this method, samples were injected using a large-volume direct injection technique, the analyte anions were separated on a hydroxide-selective anion-exchange column using high-purity(More)
Although segmental and dermatomal somatosensory evoked potentials have been used in the diagnosis of lumbosacral radiculopathy, the unilateral or bilateral normal intertrial variation of these responses has not been investigated. Furthermore, there exists little consensus on how many sequential trials for a single nerve or dermatome are optimal and how to(More)
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