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1. Back pain is known to change motor patterns of the trunk. The purpose of this study was to examine the motor output of the erector spinae (ES) muscles during pain in the lumbar region. First, their voluntary activation was assessed during flexion and re-extension of the trunk. Second, effects of cutaneous and muscle pain on the ES stretch reflex were(More)
Contact-evoked changes in EMG activity during human grasp. 2215 Cutaneous receptors in the digits discharge bursts of activity on contact with an object during human grasp. In this study, we investigated the contribution of this sensory activity to the responses of muscles involved in the task. Twelve subjects performed a standardized precision grasp task(More)
PURPOSE This study compared the pharmacokinetics of PF-06439535, a potential bevacizumab biosimilar, to bevacizumab sourced from the European Union (bevacizumab-EU) and USA (bevacizumab-US), and of bevacizumab-EU to bevacizumab-US. METHODS In this double-blind study, 102 healthy males, aged 21-55 years, were randomized 1:1:1 to receive a single 5 mg/kg(More)
Presented in this paper are the initial results involving the use of the nose or outer ear as temperature measurement sites to determine the postmortem period of the human corpse. Simple mathematical models for both sites are developed based on cooling curves of five corpses. Analysis of errors between actual and calculated postmortem intervals suggest that(More)
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