Beverly J Norris

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Several SPICE models are described for modeling the behavior of organic light-emitting devices OLEDs and their ability to predict DC and AC current-voltage trends is discussed. Circuit conngurations resulting in either bulk-or injection-limited current transport are also demonstrated.
  • A Wang, K Ryu, J M Perkins, I Nausieda, B Yaglioglu, C G Sodini +6 others
  • 2008
Recently, sputtered metal-oxide-based field effect transistors (FETs) have been demonstrated with higher charge carrier mo-bilities, higher current densities, and faster response performance than amorphous silicon FETs, which are the dominant technology used in display backplanes [1-2]. Furthermore, the optically transparent semiconducting oxide films can(More)
A disodium phosphonooxymethyl prodrug of the antitumor agent triptolide was prepared from the natural product in three steps (39% yield) and displayed excellent aqueous solubility at pH 7.4 (61 mg/mL) compared to the natural product (17 μg/mL). The estimated shelf life (t90) for hydrolysis of the prodrug at 4 °C and pH 7.4 was found to be two years. In a(More)
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