Beverly A. Gingras

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The molecular-based magnet test for malaria is shown to be more sensitive than the thin blood film test. The globally used thin blood film test is less sensitive because it uses preparation steps that result in the reduction of the absolute number of diagnostically pertinent erythrocytes. Several reports of diagnostic error with the thin film test and the(More)
We used stable isotope analysis of carbon and nitrogen to investigate the trophic relationships of Western (Aechmophorus occidentalis (Lawrence)) and Red-necked (Podiceps grisegena (Boddaert)) Grebes from Lake Wabamun, a large prairie lake in north-central Alberta, Canada. We collected tissue samples (i.e., pectoralis muscles and primary feathers) from 42(More)
We examined the behavior of common loons, Gavia immer (Brünnich), breeding on small, shallow lakes in central Alberta, Canada that were naturally fishless or contained only small-bodied fishes (minnow lake). For both lake types, adults spent >90% of their time on the nesting lake and >50% of their time foraging. Adult loons on fishless lakes dove more(More)
An extensive literature has developed in recent years in the field of chelate compounds with special reference to their antimicrobial properties. Thus, for example, the copper chelate of oxine (8-hydroxyquinoline) has been the subject of numerous investigations (Hollingshead, 1956). Thiosemicarbazones (TSC), which are compounds capable of forming chelates,(More)
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