Beverley Wynne

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This study was concerned with the distribution of a variety of putative neuromodulator and neurotransmitter systems in auditory regions of the rat brainstem using in situ hybridization histochemistry. Serial brain sections were screened for the presence of mRNAs for (i) precursors of the neuroactive substances cholecystokinin, somatostatin, proenkephalin(More)
The noradrenergic (NA) innervation of the superior olivary complex (SOC) was investigated using a monoclonal antibody against dopamine-beta-hydroxylase (D beta H), the synthesizing enzyme for noradrenaline. In addition, positive labelling of D beta H in the inferior colliculus, the lateral lemniscus (LL) and the cochlear nucleus were documented. The(More)
The superior olivary complex (SOC) of the adult rat brainstem was studied in detail with regard to its innervation by neural elements showing immunoreactivity for two neuroactive peptides, somatostatin and substance P. Nerve fibres and varicosities showing positive immuno-reactivity for both peptides were particularly dense immediately dorsal and lateral to(More)
The role of the nucleus basalis prosencephali (Bas), a frontal forebrain structure peculiar to birds, in the control of forage pecking and apomorphine-induced pecking was investigated. In a quasi-natural grit-grain selection task bilateral coagulations of the Bas and the associated neostratum frontolaterale (Nfl) caused a marked fall in grain per peck(More)
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