Beverley Bennett

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The relationship of depression to homicide has been overlooked in clinical psychiatry. The authors report on six homicidal depressed control compare them with nonhomicidal depressed control subjects. They also analyze data from 81 case summaries found elsewhere in the literature. Their preliminary data suggest that homicidal depressed patients are more(More)
Long-term treatment with antidepressant drugs has received little attention until recently. A study is reported comparing the effectiveness of maintenance treatment with phenelzine in responding major depression patients. If they responded initially to nonblind phenelzine treatment and sustained remission for 16 weeks, patients were randomized to 2-year(More)
AIMS To determine the appropriateness of using the Griffiths' Mental Developmental Scales (birth - 2 years) to assess development in a cohort of urban Aboriginal children at 12 months of age. METHODS The Gudaga study is a prospective longitudinal cohort study assessing the health, development and service use of urban Aboriginal infants residing in south(More)
The MMPI was administered twice to 40 graduate students to determine the utility of the Weiner subtle and obvious scales (D, HY, PD, PA, MA) for estimating how fake good and fake bad response sets might influence full scale scores. The first time, the MMPI was administered under standard conditions. Subjects then were divided randomly into two groups: fake(More)
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