Betty V. Vesey

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Faecal samples were taken from three diet-managed phenylketonuric children to determine effects ofβ-2-thienylalanine (β-2-t) on indigenous bacteria. From sample swabs, 127 anaerobes were identified and tested forβ-2-t inhibition on a phenylalanine (Phe)-free medium, Anaerobe Inhibition Test (AIT) agar. Of the isolates, 77.9% grew sufficiently to assay(More)
Bacteroides fragilis as a cause of residual abscess has not been previously demonstrated. This clinical and bacteriologic study of 54 consecutive cases of appendectomy in children suggests that if B. fragilis is found in the peritoneal fluid at the time of operation there is a strong possibility of residual abscess development. Special collection and(More)
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