Betty Lee

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Changes in gait parameters induced by the concomitant performance of one of two cognitive tasks activating working memory and spatial attention, was examined in healthy young adults (YA) and older adults (OA). There was a main effect of task condition on gait-speed (p = .02), stride-length (p < .001) and double-support time (p = .04) independent of the(More)
and Security (BIS) has the jurisdiction to oversee dual use exports that have an impact on the national security of the nation. BIS is responsible for implementing and enforcing the Export Administration Regulations (EAR) that regulate the export and re-export of most dual use items to advance the national security, foreign policy, and economic interests of(More)
In the practice of nursing, organizations with progressive evidence-based practice programs implement structures and processes whereby nurses are engaged in the review of existing research and in the development of clinical practice documents to better align nursing practices with the best available scientific knowledge. At our academic hospital system,(More)
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