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Titi monkeys (Callicebus spp., Cebidae) are monogamous neotropical primates that live in family-like groups typically consisting of an adult monogamous pair and one or two young. Knowledge about the reproductive biology of this genus is scanty. This study investigated the reproductive biology of female dusky titi monkeys (Callicebus moloch). An initial(More)
Animal research has indicated that the activity of the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis can be influenced by classical (Pavlovian) conditioning procedures. To test the hypothesis that alterations in plasma cortisol levels can be conditioned in humans, the present study used a prospective, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled design in which a(More)
In one study in 33 bitches, in which each of seven doses of GnRH were injected into six anoestrous bitches each, doses of > or = 400 ng kg-1 released LH consistently, and doses of < or = 200 ng kg-1 did not. In a second study, GnRH was administered in pulses of 15-500 ng kg-1 every 90 min for 7-9 days to 36 anoestrous bitches, four prepubertal bitches and(More)
Data suggests that dexamethasone bioavailability or pharmacokinetic factors contribute importantly to the outcome of the dexamethasone suppression test, and a relationship between plasma cortisol and plasma dexamethasone levels has been shown. To evaluate these data further, we studied plasma dexamethasone pharmacokinetics in 24 patients with major(More)
The pharmacokinetics of dexamethasone have been found to be related to endogenous hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis activity. Lower plasma dexamethasone levels in psychiatric patients (especially depressed) who are dexamethasone suppression test (DST) nonsuppressors have previously been reported. Since DST nonsuppression is one measure of HPA axis(More)
OBJECTIVE The purpose of this article was to examine the similarities and differences in ovarian morphology and function that are known to exist among mammalian species. The previous difficulties and present solutions to the characterization of ovarian function in non-domestic or non-laboratory species are discussed. METHODS The current literature(More)
Preliminary evidence of FSH suppression as a marker of postpartum ovarian recrudescence is presented. Falling FSH concentration in response to ovarian follicular estrogenic secretory activity apparently signals the reestablishment of menstrual cycles. We propose to investigate further this phenomenon with the development of a portable FSH biosensor. The FSH(More)
Enzymatically dispersed anterior pituitary cells from donor mares were cultured for 48 h in alpha-modified Eagles' medium containing 10% steroid-free horse serum. The cells were then incubated for 24 h in fresh medium oestrogen followed by a 4-h incubation with or without GnRH. Media and cell extracts were analyzed for LH by radioimmunoassay. In the first(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the safety and efficacy of Norplant (Wyeth-Ayerst Laboratories, Philadelphia, PA) insertion immediately postpartum. DESIGN Prospective study of 14 women receiving Norplant immediately postpartum compared with controls (n = 6) having a bilateral tubal ligation. Subjects were followed for 3 months postpartum, and data were analyzed by(More)