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Background. Nephrocalcinosis is often associated with a variety of hypercalcemic conditions. Diagnostic ultrasound is often used for assessing nephrocalcinosis in children, but its reliability has not been proven. Objective. To determine the reliability of expert interpretation of sonographic films with a grading scale of severity for nephrocalcinosis.(More)
The NFAT family of transcription factors are key regulators of inducible gene expression in the immune system. We examined the function of two NFAT proteins after naïve T helper (T(H)) cell activation. We found that naïve T(H) precursors that are doubly deficient in NFATc2 and NFATc3 intrinsically differentiate into TH(2)-secreting cells, even in the(More)
Childhood maltreatment is a common and serious problem for women, particularly in relation to impairment in adulthood. To our knowledge, no system-wide study has addressed the influence of childhood maltreatment on the cost of these women's adult health service utilization. This paper examines this relationship. The 1990 Ontario Health Survey (OHS) gathered(More)
Tumor necrosis factor alpha (TNFalpha), a pro-inflammatory factor, plays an important role in many inflammatory diseases. Inhibition of p38 is being pursued as a pharmaceutical treatment to reduce TNFalpha release. Since a variety of cytokines and factors may exist at different amounts in patients, we explored how differences in the cytokine environment(More)
The design and synthesis of icosahedral polyhedral borane closomer motifs based upon carbonate and carbamate anchoring groups for biomedical applications are described. Dodecacarbamate closomers containing easily accessible groups of interest at their linker termini were synthesized via activation of the B-OH vertices as aryl carbonates and their subsequent(More)
OBJECTIVES Supported employment is an evidence-based practice that has proved to be consistently more effective than conventional vocational rehabilitation in helping people with severe mental illness find and sustain competitive employment. Most research on the effectiveness of supported employment comes from the United States. This study examined the(More)
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