Betty Jane Gassner

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The synthetic pyrethroid derivatives permethrin and cyhalothrin are widely used insecticides that are considered to be relatively nontoxic to higher animals. However, a variety of toxic effects on mammals have been reported. We investigated the effect of these drugs on energy coupling by mitochondria and on the activity of the individual respiratory(More)
In sorting by replacement selecting, the expected length of a sequence beginning with the ith element (i > 1) is proved to be 2F, in accordance with a conjecture of E+ H. Friend, where F is the number of memory cells used. The expected length of the jth sequence is determined to be F times a jth degree polynomial in e, such that the value of this polynomial(More)
Following the application of permethrin or cyhalothrin to cattle for the control of ectoparasites, the occurrence and persistence of these chemicals was assessed on the animals and in their environment. The release of permethrin from ear tags containing 1 g of the drug on cattle was followed for 65 days and lead to concentrations of 5 to 35 micrograms of(More)
(1) It is shown that the rate of calcium extrusion from intact human red cells is faster at a membrane potential of approximately +50 mV (inside) than at approximately -50 mV. (2) The positive potential applied was the chloride potential of KCl cells in a K-gluconate medium when the Ca2+ sensitive K+ channel was blocked by 0.3mM quinidine. The negative(More)
Chloramphenicol (CAP) plasma levels were determined after oral administration of four doses of CAP palmitate (each dose corresponding to CAP 25 mg/kg/12 h) to four ruminating beef-type calves. Steady-state plasma concentrations of CAP were reached after the fourth oral dose and varied between 5 and 6 micrograms/ml. Half-life of elimination of CAP was 4.5 h.(More)
From 1975 to 1982, the Austrian Poison Information Centre gave medical advice in forty cases of acute melitracenee-flupenthixol poisoning. The case reports were reviewed and analysed in retrospect. 13 patients who either had ingested less than 20 pills (n = 5) or who underwent early gastric lavage (n = 8) showed no symptoms. In 19 patients who had swallowed(More)
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