Betty J. Birner

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In addition to deciding what to say, s p e a k ers must decide how t o s a y it. The central premise of studies on the relationship between syntax and discourse function is that a speaker's use of a particular structural option is constrained by s p e-ciic aspects of the context of utterance. Work in discourse has uncovered a variety of speciic discourse(More)
In this paper we examine constraints on the use of seven sentence-types permitting the non-canonical appearance of the logical subject in post-verbal position: inversion in English and in Farsi, presentational and existential there-sentences in English, presentational ci-sentences and subject inversion in Italian, and es+subject postposing in Yiddish. We(More)
s of LSA Plenary Addresses The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Language David Crystal Romance Languages A Historical Introduction Ti Alkire Carol Rosen Middle Egyptian An Introduction to the Language and Culture of Hieroglyphs James P. Allen The Cambridge History of the Romance Languages Volume 1: Structures Edited by Martin Maiden John Charles Smith Adam(More)
Das Ziel der Studie war es zu prüfen, ob Vorderkammerparameter Risikofaktoren für die Entstehung eines Melanindispersionssyndroms (MDS) und/oder für die Konversion eines MDS in ein Melanindispersionsglaukom (MDG) darstellen. Die Studie schloss 63 Augen von 35 MDS/MDG-Patienten ein und 65 Augen von 49 Probanden als Kontrollgruppe. Folgende Parameter wurden(More)
Rips and Estin (1998) provided evidence that mental events such as dreaming are more homogeneous than physical events such as checking out a book; that is, their parts are more difficult to distinguish. In their experiment, participants listed more distinctive properties for the parts of physical events than for the parts of mental events. However, the(More)