Betty Collis

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Professor Dr Betty Collis is a senior professor at the University of Twente in the Netherlands, where she leads a research group Technology for Strategy, Learning and Change. As leader of a long-term collabo-rative research project between her faculty and Shell International Exploration and Production, B.V. (Shell EP), she is also Head of Research for the(More)
While the idea of reusing objects in digital learning environments is not new, continual strides are being made toward improving the prospects of reusability. A major trend in company training settings is to think of reusability in terms of a LMS (learning management systems), but where instructor use and pedagogies are little considered. We describe an(More)
Group-based learning is being introduced into many settings in higher education. Is this a sustainable development with respect to the resources required? Under what conditions can group-based learning be applied successfully in distance education and in increasingly flexible campus-based learning? Can telematic support facilitate and enrich courses where(More)
We describe ongoing evaluations and new research on the use of telematic tools to support project work in higher education. Practical experience at our University has shown that project work can be implemented using the World Wide Web for many aspects of the project activities. The possibilities will grow with the introduction of groupware facilities in(More)
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