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BACKGROUND The purpose of this study was to analyze if anterior chamber parameters are risk factors for the development of pigment dispersion syndrome (PDS) and/or for the conversion to pigmentary glaucoma (PG). PATIENTS AND METHODS This study included a total of 63 eyes from 35 patients with PDS and PG and 65 eyes from 49 unaffected volunteers as the(More)
The effect of an antacid drug (Maalox 70) on the pharmacokinetics of temafloxacin was studied in 12 healthy young volunteers. The study was designed as a randomised open 2-period crossover trial in which temafloxacin was administered alone and with Maalox 70. In both treatments, temafloxacin was administered as a single oral 400mg dose on the morning of day(More)
Rips and Estin (1998) provided evidence that mental events such as dreaming are more homogeneous than physical events such as checking out a book; that is, their parts are more difficult to distinguish. In their experiment, participants listed more distinctive properties for the parts of physical events than for the parts of mental events. However, the(More)
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