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The useful field of view is defined as the visual area in which information can be acquired within one eye fixation. We studied visual search within this context and found a reduction in the size of the field as a function of age. This loss, however, was recovered partially with practice. Standard acuity and perimetric tests of visual field, although(More)
Errors in programming patient-controlled analgesia (PCA) pumps unfortunately occur in hospitals. At this hospital, quality improvement efforts were combined with staff development programming to decrease PCA pump errors. A significant decrease in PCA pump errors was found after 1:1 staff education.
PURPOSE To analyze separately the sensory and nonsensory aspects of reductions in contrast sensitivity with age. METHODS Two-alternative forced choice psychometric functions were fitted with a three-parameter Weibull function, which independently estimated threshold, slope, and upper asymptote of the functions. RESULTS There were no changes in slope or(More)
PURPOSE To determine if age differences in contrast detection thresholds extend to suprathreshold contrast discrimination. METHODS Psychophysical contrast detection and discrimination thresholds were determined in 56 adults ranging in age from 22 to 72 years. In experiment 1, thresholds were measured using a two-interval forced-choice procedure across a(More)
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