Bettina Soltmann

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Bipolar disorder is a severe psychiatric disorder that is associated with persistent changes in the quality, duration and architecture of sleep. Currently there is no unifying hypothesis explaining the alterations in sleep observable in patients with bipolar disorder and management is often difficult though vital. Sleep is modified by various cytokines(More)
OBJECTIVE This study aimed to assess (1) the quality of reporting of randomized controlled trials of pharmacologic treatment of bipolar disorder, (2) the potential improvement in quality of reporting over time, and (3) differences in quality of reporting between journals that endorse or do not endorse the Uniform Requirements for Manuscripts Submitted to(More)
A series of new bisbrusatolyl and brusatolyl esters and related compounds were synthesized and tested for in vivo antileukemia activity against a quassinoid sensitive strain of P-388 lymphocytic leukemia in BDF1 mice. The bisbrusatolyl malonate, succinate, glutarate, adipate, and sebacate were as active or more active than brusatol. The C-3 esters of(More)
"Alginate/silica hybrid materials for immobilization of green microalgae Chlorella vulgaris for cellbased sensor arrays" (2014). Thin layers and patterned dot arrays of sodium alginate containing living microalgal cells were deposited onto glass carriers which were subsequently gelled using amino-functionalized silica sol to obtain reinforced alginate(More)
BACKGROUND Selective publishing as well as inadequate reporting of clinical trials entail a risk of bias in clinical decision making. Therefore the CONSORT statement was introduced to improve the quality of reporting of randomized controlled trials (RCT). This study aimed to assess the quality of reporting of RCTs on pharmacological treatment of bipolar(More)
The apparent discrepancy between theory and experimental practices in field desorption mass spectrometry has encouraged a study attempting to focus theoretical concepts more clearly into forms recognizable to the chemical investigator. Preliminary results indicate that best anode temperature for many compounds is independent of the applied voltage(More)
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