Bettina Schlegel-Bregenzer

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The objective of the present study was to study the supra- and subgingival microflora by culture and cDNA probe methods in 20 elderly subjects who were between 62 and 93 years of age. 10 of them had gingivitis only, and 10 had periodontitis. B. forsythus (BF), P. gingivalis (PG), P. intermedia (PI), P. nigrescens (PN), A. actinomycetemcomitans (AA), T.(More)
OBJECTIVES The present retrospective analysis was performed to evaluate the long-term results of initial periodontal and fixed prosthodontic treatment in patients with gingivitis or moderate chronic periodontitis during post-therapeutic irregular maintenance of 5-17 years. MATERIAL AND METHODS Thirty-four patients participated in the study. Baseline data(More)
BACKGROUND The risks for periodontal disease appear to increase with age. STUDY PURPOSE To determine associations between clinical findings, the presence of specific bacteria in periodontal pockets, and serum antibody titers. 10 older subjects (mean age=73.0 years SD+/-4.9) with confirmed gingivitis only (gingivitis group) and 10 subjects with(More)
The objectives of the present work were to elucidate faculty perceptions and effects on traditional teaching and the supplement of a problem-based learning model in periodontal education. Students and faculty members at one university were asked to respond to a battery of relevant questions in periodontology that had been previously discussed at two(More)
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