Bettina Raber

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BACKGROUND In 2008 the Austrian Task Force for Neuromyelitis Optica (NMO) started a nation-wide network for information exchange and multi-centre collaboration. Their aim was to detect all patients with NMO or NMO spectrum disorders (NMO-SD) in Austria and to analyse their disease courses and response to treatment. METHODS (1) As of March 2008, 1957 serum(More)
The cytoskeleton of the human osteoarthritic synovial lining cell (SLC) consists of an extensive number of vimentin intermediate filaments (IFs) in addition to microfilaments and microtubules. The IFs are especially prevalent in the SLC processes, but are commonly seen in a paranuclear arrangement. Processes, ending in numerous microvilli and blebs, project(More)
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