Bettina Lohrmann

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The aim of the present study was to evaluate the long-term skeletal and dento-alveolar stability 15 years after combined orthodontic and surgical correction of skeletal anterior open bite. Ten (8 female, 2 male) anterior openbite patients who had undergone orthodontic treatment in combination with bimaxillary surgery at Hanover Medical School were examined.(More)
Lateral head films of 200 Class II patients (106 females, 94 males) with a mean pre-treatment age range of 9.9-10.25 years successfully treated with functional orthodontics were analysed before (T1) and after (T2) treatment. The resulting data and findings were compared with lateral head films (T1, T2) of 20 patients (15 females, five males) with a mean(More)
During horizontal contact, the dental arch represents a link chain in which two convex articular surfaces are in contact and are tensioned by the dentogingival and dentoalveolar fibrous tissue. Joints composed of convex-convex surfaces are equivalent to stretched dimeric link chains whose links are in a mechanically unstable position under compression.(More)
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