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Up to now, few models of computation with the power of evaluating discon-tinuous functions have been analyzed and few of their lower bounds or results on the decidability of languages are known. In this paper, we present a model of an " analytic computation tree " (ACT). These trees operate on real numbers and are able to compare real numbers, to evaluate(More)
PURPOSE To describe the evolution and current status of a university and community partnership engaged in operating an urban elementary school-based clinic (SBC) POPULATION: The children at the school who are eligible to receive care at the SBC include 500 elementary students and 200 adolescents who attend a magnet junior high school housed in the same(More)
A vector m = (mx , ... , mn) eZ"\ {0} is called an integer relation for the real numbers a,, ... , an , if X)0,"1, = 0 holds. We present an algorithm that, when given algebraic numbers ax , ... , an and a parametere , either finds an integer relation for a,,... , an or proves that no relation of Euclidean length shorter than 1/e exists. Each algebraic(More)
  • P Elias, E V Hoversten, +22 authors Moulton
  • 2009
Let z be a non-negative, integer-valued random variable and let z i , 1 i < oo, be independent random variables, all having the same distribution as z. At t = 0 one particle is alive, and at t = 1 it gives birth to a random number z 1 of offspring. At t = 2 each of the z 1 first-generation particles gives birth to a random number (z 2 , z 3 , th .z +1) of(More)
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