Bettina Just

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A vector m = (mx , ... , mn) eZ"\ {0} is called an integer relation for the real numbers a,, ... , an , if X)0,"1, = 0 holds. We present an algorithm that, when given algebraic numbers ax , ... , an and a parametere , either finds an integer relation for a,,... , an or proves that no relation of Euclidean length shorter than 1/e exists. Each algebraic(More)
Up to now, few models of computation with the power of evaluating discontinuous functions have been analyzed and few of their lower bounds or results on the decidability of languages are known. In this paper, we present a model of an “analytic computation tree” (ACT). These trees operate on real numbers and are able to compare real numbers, to evaluate(More)
  • P Elias, E V Hoversten, +22 authors Moulton
  • 2009
Let z be a non-negative, integer-valued random variable and let z i , 1 i < oo, be independent random variables, all having the same distribution as z. At t = 0 one particle is alive, and at t = 1 it gives birth to a random number z 1 of offspring. At t = 2 each of the z 1 first-generation particles gives birth to a random number (z 2 , z 3 , th .z +1) of(More)
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