Bettina Hagström Jensen

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Twenty-two children formed the basis for a controlled study of the effect and duration of the postoperatively applied caudal block on postoperative pain after genital operations. The purpose of the study was to compare the effect and duration of bupivacaine and morphine. Ten children (Group I, outpatients) underwent circumcision and 12 children (Group II,(More)
Hemispheric asymmetry of a wide range of functions is a hallmark of the human brain. The visual system has traditionally been thought of as symmetrically distributed in the brain, but a growing body of evidence has challenged this view. Some highly specific visual tasks have been shown to depend on hemispheric specialization. However, the possible(More)
The grey matter of the human brain is asymmetrically distributed between the cerebral hemispheres. This asymmetry includes visual areas, but its relevance to visual function is not understood. Voxel-based morphometry is a well-established technique for localization and quantification of cerebral grey matter on the basis of MR images. This method has been(More)
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