Bettina Distel

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The epitopes of four monoclonal antibodies against coagulation Factor VIII were mapped with the use of recombinant DNA techniques. Full-length Factor VIII cDNA and parts thereof were inserted into the vector pSP64, permitting transcription in vitro with the use of a promoter specific for SP6 RNA polymerase. Factor VIII DNA inserts were truncated from their(More)
A mineral salts medium containing 1% (w/v) glucose providing carbon-limited growth conditions was subjected to anaerobic acidogenesis by mixed populations of bacteria in chemostat cultures. The formation of butyrate was shown to be dependent on the presence of saccharolytic anaerobic sporeformers in the acid-forming population. By the use of pasteurized(More)
In polarized Madin-Darby canine kidney (MDCK) cells, sorting of membrane proteins in the trans-Golgi network for basolateral delivery depends on the presence of cytoplasmic determinants that are related or unrelated to clathrin-coated pit localization signals. Whether these signals mediate basolateral protein sorting through common or distinct pathways is(More)
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Con-A- and PHA-induced proliferation of cells from rabbit thymus, spleen and mesenteric lymph node was studied with the DNA-fluorescent probe 33258 Hoechst. The fluorescence of this probe is quenched when 5-bromo-2'-deoxy-uridine is incorporated into nascent DNA during the S phase. Fluorescence decreased with increasing content of newly formed DNA per cell.(More)
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