Bettina C. Riedl

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Due to the huge volume and extreme complexity in online game data collections, selecting essential features for the analysis of massive game logs is not only necessary, but also challenging. This study develops and implements a new XSEDE-enabled tool, FeatureSelector, which uses the parallel processing techniques on high performance computers to perform(More)
While most studies investigating culture in the context of conflict in teams have been using culture dimensions such as collectivism this study centers on another measurement of culture, namely individual values. In this investigation we examined how individual value diversity influences the relationship between team conflict and performance in virtual(More)
Leadership is a key challenge of virtual teams. A particular leadership style, namely inspirational leadership, which is a sub-category of transformational leadership, has been found to be especially suited for the study of highly diverse teams. Virtual team leaders increasingly have to manage global virtual teams that contain members from different(More)
This study highlights the importance of considering gender and offline cultural context when working in virtual teams. To this end, we examine gender differences in performance and participation within virtual teams in a popular online game, drawing from behavioral game data from game servers in nine countries, each representing a distinct region of the(More)
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