Bettina Bluemling

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We have investigated manure management practices at three farm scales in Chinese pig and poultry production. The concept of ecological rationality was employed to explore empirically how environmental concerns drive adoption of environmental-friendly manure management technologies at different farm scales. The more developed Rudong County in Jiangsu(More)
To minimize negative environmental impact of livestock production, policy-makers face a challenge to design and implement more effective policy instruments for livestock farmers at different scales. This research builds an assessment framework on the basis of an agent-based model, named ANEM, to explore nutrient mitigation potentials of five policy(More)
This paper focuses on the evaluation of a participatory approach aimed at supporting groups of small-scale farmers in the design of joint drip irrigation projects. Our idea was to create a sustainable social learning environment in which they could acquire adaptive knowledge about new irrigation technology and about designing and managing a joint irrigation(More)
border of the Gobi desert. Over the past decades the region suffered from falling water tables and dying vegetation. From 2007 the Chinese government has embarked on a large project to “save the oasis” and drastically reduce the agricultural use of groundwater in the area. Unlike cases in other parts of the world, the reduction of groundwater pumping(More)
Biodiesel from jatropha has been considered as a promising alternative to fossil fuels for some time. Consequently, China started promoting jatropha as one of the options to meet its ever-increasing energy consumption, and the Chinese biodiesel industry also gained interest. However, the excitement of the biofuel industry in jatropha faded after it did not(More)
China’s central government has carried out a series of collectivization and de-collectivization attempts of forest tenure over time, which have led to multiple forest tenure arrangements within provinces. This paper investigates the motivation of farmers to maintain forestry under various forest tenure regimes. First, the paper provides a qualitative(More)
In this paper we present a first attempt to represent social behavior of actors in a resource sharing context in such a way that different forms of solidarity can be detected and measured. We expect that constructing agentbased models of water-related interactions at the interface of urban and rural areas, and running social simulations to study the(More)
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