Bettina Bär

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Angle-resolved x-ray diffraction patterns of Xe to 127 GPa indicate that the fcc-to-hcp transition occurs martensitically between 3 and 70 GPa in diamond-anvil cells without an intermediate phase. These data also reveal that the transition occurs by the introduction of stacking disorder in the fcc lattice at low pressure, which grows into hcp domains with(More)
The essential oil of the flower heads of scentless mayweed (M. perforata Mérat) was investigated. It consists of more than 50 compounds; 26 of them, together representing about 95.2% of the total oil, were identified by GC, GC/MS, and partly by 1H-NMR and UV. They can be classified into polyacetylenes (88.8%), sesquiterpenoids (5.8%), monoterpenoids (0.1%),(More)
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