Bettina Auf'mkolk

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Cultures of human bone cells were established, maintained, and characterized with respect to several metabolic parameters. These studies were undertaken with a view to using the bone culture system as a means of studying mechanisms of bone metabolism. The donor patients' ages ranged from 1 to 90 years and their disease states included congenital limb(More)
Three different pathophysiological mechanisms are probably responsible for hereditary pseudohypoparathyroidism: 1) a defect at the prereceptor-level, 2) a defective membrane N-protein accounting for diminished second messenger production, and 3) a defect in the cytosolic response to the hormone. In a cooperative, study 24 patients (mean age, 13 yr; range,(More)
The stimulation of cyclic AMP production by human renal cortical membranes in the presence of the GTP analogue 5'-guanylimidodiphosphate and a calcium chelator represents a homologous assay system for the evaluation of biologically active parathyroid hormone (bioPTH) in human serum. Bioactive PTH was raised above normal (normal range: undetectable to 4.6(More)
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