Betsy van Dijk

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Twin blood group chimerism seems to be very rare in humans. The 30-40 previously reported cases usually were found by mere coincidence during routine blood grouping in hospitals or blood banks. Usually in these cases frank blood group mixtures of, for example, 50/50%, 25/75%, or 5/95% at most were seen. Smaller percentages are very difficult to notice(More)
We studied the value of leukocyte depletion of platelet transfusions for the prevention of secondary human leukocyte antigen (HLA)-alloimmunization in patients with a high-risk of prior immunization induced by pregnancies. Seventy-five female patients with hematologic malignancies (mostly acute leukemia) and a history of pregnancy were randomized to receive(More)
We carry out a set of experiments to assess collaboration between human users and robots in a cross-cultural setting. This paper describes the study design and deployment of a video-based study to investigate task-dependence and cultural-background dependence of the personality trait attribution on a socially interactive robot. In Human-Robot Interaction,(More)
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