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Acknowledgements The authors of this study are indebted to many for assistance with various aspects of the study. We list them here to acknowledge their help. In listing those who provided assistance we undoubtedly omit some who were helpful. We hope such oversights will be understood. The authors alone are responsible for errors of omission or commission(More)
ii Acknowledgments We would like to thank the many people who helped us conduct this research project and contributed to this report. Our colleagues at the Center for Education Policy at SRI International were enormously helpful in thinking through research design, data collection, the practical logistics of applied research in schools, and all aspects of(More)
Knowledge concerning variation in chocolate eating behaviour amongst consumers, and the impact that differences in the physical properties of chocolate could have on such behaviour is limited. The eating behaviour of individuals, consuming two chocolate samples (A and B), of comparable melt viscosity but with different textural attributes, was investigated.(More)
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