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Four patients with acute brucellosis are described, none of whom had any connexion with farming or milk industry, the source of infection being different in each case. The diagnosis was made by serological tests, and in three of the four cases was confirmed by positive cultures from bone marrow (one case) and liver biopsy (two cases). Treatment with the(More)
A family of seven siblings is described. The mother and six siblings have been examined, the eldest and youngest of whom suffer from congenital indifference to pain , although both were ticklish, and itched. The functions examined included somatosensory perception thresholds and autonomic functions; perception thresholds were greatly raised in the painfree(More)
We present a preliminary study of the results of treatment of 106 fractures of the trochanteric region of the femur, using a new expanding compression nail, the Kenwright nail. The device obtains a secure hold in the femoral head and compresses the fracture line, to give very firm fixation, enabling patients to bear weight immediately with much more(More)
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