Betsy Greulich

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The latent phase of labor is complex and not completely understood by modern science. Studies often ignore evaluation of this phase of labor because determination of onset is subjective. In this article, the definition and time parameters of latent phase labor are discussed, and generalized distinctions between prelabor and labor are evaluated. Outpatient(More)
BACKGROUND To compare the postpartum pelvic floor function of women with sutured second-degree perineal lacerations, unsutured second-degree perineal lacerations, and intact perineums. METHODS A prospective cohort of nurse-midwifery patients consented to mapping of genital trauma at birth and an assessment of postpartum pelvic floor outcomes. Women(More)
Weight status is an important determinant of many health indices. Data from a clinical trial on measures to lower genital tract trauma in vaginal birth were used for a secondary analysis. The goal was to describe the relationship of body mass index and pregnancy weight gain to clinical intrapartum care, infant birthweight, and genital tract trauma with(More)
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