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UNLABELLED Gibbs and Moise [Gibbs, R., Moise, J., 1997. Pragmatics in understanding what is said. Cognition 62, 51-74], present experimental results which, they claim, show that people recognize a distinction between what is said and what is implicated. They also claim that these results provide support for theories of utterance interpretation (such as(More)
I n the May 2001 issue of Computer, two of us published an article called “COTSBased Systems Top 10 List” (pp. 91–93). The list identified 10 hypotheses that served as challenges for enhancing our empirical understanding of commercial off-the-shelf software. These hypotheses were primarily related to COTS-based systems development. CBSs remain one of three(More)
This paper presents the twelve most significant lessons the CeBASE community has learned across a wide variety of projects, domains, and organizations about COTS-Based Systems (CBS) maintenance. Because many of the lessons identified are not intuitive, the source and implications of the lesson are discussed as well within the context of maintenance model(More)
wenty years ago, I left the security (and frustration) of working for a large corporation to begin a consulting career in software measurement. Since then, I’ve helped many firms implement software measurement programs. For some clients, the motivation for measurement was process improvement; for others, it was resolving an immediate crisis and getting a(More)
The purpose of this research is to determine if teams can successfully predict their readiness to perform a mission via noninvasive methods. We present a method for assessing individual and team readiness in the form of a questionnaire designed to allow team members to predict the readiness of their team to perform a particular mission. To test the(More)
The purpose of this study was to identify the dominant instructional interaction patterns of expert golf instructors. Instructors (N = 22) were selected by the Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) Teaching based on the following criteria: (a) 10 or more years of golf teaching experience, (b) LPGA certification, (c) awards received for the quality of(More)
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