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In July of 1999, the department of Academic Technology at Drew University began the search for a trouble-ticket tracking package. After researching several commercially available products, we determined that none offered us the flexibility we needed at a price we could afford. Despite our lack of success in finding a commercially available product, our need(More)
Since the early 90s Drew University has provided basic email services to all students, faculty, and staff, standardizing on IMAP-based email in 1999. First supported in conjunction with the Netscape Communicator and later with Mozilla, the IMAP service has proven to be inexpensive to maintain, but had limitations. Most often cited was the lack of scheduling(More)
Drew University, a leader in ubiquitous computing, has provided computers for all incoming freshman since 1984. The support structure has evolved with the technology, and now crosses several technology departments including Administrative Computing (AC), Telecommunications (Telecom), Instructional Technology Services (ITS), and Computing & Network(More)
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