Bethany W. Long

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In both preclinical and clinical studies, cell transplantation of several cell types is used to promote repair of damaged organs and tissues. Nevertheless, despite the widespread use of such strategies, there remains little understanding of how the efficacy of cell therapy is regulated. We showed previously that augmentation of a unique, metabolically(More)
Cell therapy improves cardiac function. Few cells have been investigated more extensively or consistently shown to be more effective than c-kit sorted cells; however, c-kit expression is easily lost during passage. Here, our primary goal was to develop an improved method to isolate c-kit(pos) cells and maintain c-kit expression after passaging. Cardiac(More)
Diffusion-weighted MRI is a new imaging method that can detect acute ischemic stroke within an hour of onset. The first hour following a stroke is crucial, because it is during this time that damaged tissue can be saved. Diffusion-weighted imaging measures the water mobility in tissue. Using these measurements, MRI images can be reconstructed to provide(More)
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