Bethany A Myers

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This study was designed to provide information on the prevalence and nature of psychiatric disorders in 497 individuals with Down syndrome. There were 261 patients under 20 years of age and 164 patients 20 years and older, with both groups followed as outpatients, and 72 residents from a state school. The overall frequency of psychiatric disorders in our(More)
The clinical histories and treatment of the nine individuals with Down syndrome (DS) and major depression (MD) previously noted in a report on the psychopathology of a population of 164 adults with DS with and without health disorders from a Down Syndrome Clinic are presented (Myers & Pueschel, 1991). The clinical characteristics including DSM-III-R (1987)(More)
This study was designed to investigate the family environment and the temperament of children with Down's syndrome (DS). Parents of 40 children with DS completed the Family Environmental Scale (FES). They also were asked to fill out the Temperament Assessment Battery for Children (TABC) for both the child with DS and the nearest same-sex sibling. A similar(More)
In a population of 425 individuals with Down syndrome, we observed 5 persons (1.2%) with Tourette's disorder. Because the prevalence of Tourette's disorder in the general population has been estimated to be between 0.03% and 1.6%, it is not likely that there is an increased prevalence of Tourette's disorder in Down syndrome, or that there is an(More)
  • B A Myers
  • American journal of diseases of children
  • 1983
The diagnosis of a chronic or fatal condition in a child presents a difficult situation for the physician who must inform the parents. It is a situation that can be handled poorly and thus be detrimental to parents "hearing" and coping with this bad news. The successful outcome of an informing interview depends on the characteristics of the informer and(More)
  • B A Myers
  • The Journal of nervous and mental disease
  • 1987
The Mini Mental State Examination is a useful screen for the detection of cognitive disorders among psychiatric patients. In the absence of a developmental disability, the inability to perform satisfactorily on the Mini Mental State (MMS) (score less than 24) is likely to be related to delirium, dementia, or affective disorders. The mildly retarded or(More)
  • B A Myers
  • American journal of mental retardation : AJMR
  • 1991
Sexual offenses, particularly paraphilias, although infrequent, are committed by people with mental retardation. Their management poses clinical and ethical dilemmas. Available treatments were reviewed, especially the literature on the most effective agent, medroxyprogesterone acetate (MPA). A case history was presented of a young man with mild mental(More)
OBJECTIVE The purpose of this study was to describe early career health sciences information professionals' self-reported attainment of the Medical Library Association (MLA) Competencies for Lifelong Learning and Professional Success and to investigate the various methods by which participants developed these competencies. METHODS A SurveyMonkey survey(More)