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A quantitative assessment of both computerised correlation and analogue techniques for the removal of eye movement artefact from the electroencephalogram was undertaken. In both methods a fraction of the measured EOGs was subtracted from the measured EEG to leave the corrected EEG. In the correlation method the correction factors were computed from the(More)
"Handover of care is one of the most perilous procedures in medicine" (British Medical Association, Safe Handover, Safe Patients). The system in place for weekend handover at YDH was deemed disorganised, unstructured and frequently missing key pieces of information, leaving the on-call Foundation Year 1 (FY1) doctor with only vague jobs and management(More)
The authors analyzed the contingent negative variations of 20 medicated patients with schizophrenia diagnosed according to DSM-III-R and 20 age- and sex-matched normal comparison subjects. For the patients with schizophrenia, there were significant correlations between contingent negative variation amplitude and two items on the Scale for the Assessment of(More)
  • A N Belhadj-Tahar, H Fourrier-Lamer, +6 authors J G Ma
  • 2002
Figure 4, the ␧Љ r values measured for doped silicon (solid lines) are in good agreement with the manufacturer data, since they are included into the uncertainty domain given by the manufacturer (dotted lines – ␳ ϭ 40 – 60 ⍀ cm). A very high broadband characterization method of isotropic film-shaped materials was developed. It uses a coplanar line as cell,(More)
The objective was to characterize the non-oscillatory independent components (ICs) of the auditory event-related potential (ERP) waveform of an oddball task for normal and newly diagnosed Alzheimer's disease (AD) subjects, and to seek biomarkers for AD. Single trial ERP waveforms were analysed using independent components analysis (ICA) and k-means(More)
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