Bethan J Everett

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Although it is well known that intimacy and sexual expression are an important part of being human and of healthy living, facilities such as nursing homes, adult group homes, or assisted living residences commonly struggle with knowing how to balance supporting residents who are incapable to have sexual lives with their duty to protect them from foreseeable(More)
Although nurses in almost every long-term care facility face daily challenges involving issues related to residents' sexual lives, guidelines for ethically supporting sexual activity are rare and inadequate. A decision-making framework was developed to guide care providers in responding to the sexual expression of residents in long-term care. The framework(More)
Offering intensive care to neonates who have conditions that carry extremely poor prognoses is a source of great contention amongst neonatologists. The concept of best interests is commonly used as a rationale for refusing such care, despite the fact that parents of these infants often have a different view of what best interests means. This article takes(More)
Intimacy and sexual expression are an integral part of being human and of healthy living. However, this important aspect of well-being is often overlooked or avoided when a person enters a care facility such as a nursing home, group home, or assisted living residence. This article summarizes the new Supporting Sexual Health and Intimacy in Care Facilities(More)
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