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OBJECTIVE To evaluate the influence of exercise on maternal and perinatal outcome in a low-risk healthy obstetric population. METHODS We conducted a prospective observational study of low-risk healthy women exercising during their pregnancy. An extensive questionnaire collected antepartum, intrapartum, and postpartum patient information on 750 women. The(More)
The reliability of the most important methods to determine protein-binding of drugs was compared. Applying these methods to different drugs solved in bovine plasma or in protein-free solutions the incidence of errors specific for each method was examined. Certain limits are found for the applicability of each method. If these limitations are observed(More)
  • 1963
The feeding habits of 15 species of Glossina have been studied by the identification of their blood meals. Representative samples of the blood meals from each of these species of tsetse fly and from different habitats were collected and 22 640 blood meals were identified. The feeding patterns are characteristic for each species of tsetse fly and do not(More)
The success of malaria eradication campaigns depends on the use of all methods that make for a better understanding of the biology and behaviour of mosquito vectors. One such method is precipitin testing, by which it is possible to identify the human or animal origin of blood-meals of mosquitos and thereby to determine their host preferences and vectorial(More)
Preconception counseling offers couples contemplating pregnancy the opportunity to identify and reduce potential pregnancy risks, plan care for known risks, and establish early prenatal care. The goal of preconception counseling is to promote physically and emotionally healthy parents in an attempt to ensure optimal prenatal, intrapartum, and postpartum(More)
  • 1956
The identification of blood meals of blood-sucking arthropods requires a test which is sensitive enough to detect even partially digested blood and specific enough to identify the various hosts. The technique of preference is the precipitin test which makes use of the specific combination of the serum proteins of the blood. The preparation of the blood meal(More)