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Orofacial clefts are among the most common birth defects and result in an improper formation of the mouth or the roof of the mouth. Monosomy of the distal aspect of human chromosome 6p has been recognized as causative in congenital malformations affecting the brain and cranial skeleton including orofacial clefts. Among the genes located in this region is(More)
Heart failure (HF) prevalence continues to rise and remains a significant burden to patients, caregivers, providers, and the healthcare system. Guideline-directed medical therapy with standard neurohormonal blockade has been the cornerstone of medical management for many years. Despite aggressive utilization of angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors,(More)
Most infective processes are straightforward and can be diagnosed from bacterial findings in a single test. IE does not always follow this tenet, so establishing the diagnosis can be difficult. The salient features of IE may present atypically or be obscured by the presence of preexisting and coexisting diseases. Flulike symptoms may mask the beginning of(More)
Heart transplantation can be a lifesaving option for patients with end-stage heart failure. However, implanting recipients with an organ or tissue from a donor presents immunologic challenges. Sensitized recipients are at risk for hyperacute rejection because of the presence of preformed antibodies. Immune modulation with cyclophosphamide, plasmapheresis,(More)
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