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Concern has been expressed over societal losses of plant species identification skills. These losses have potential implications for engagement with conservation issues, gaining human wellbeing benefits from biodiversity (such as those resulting from nature-based recreational activities), and early warning of the spread of problematic species. However,(More)
1 Smith NL, Chen MH, Dehghan A, Strachan DP, Basu S, Soranzo N, HaywardC,Rudan I, Sabater-LlealM,Bis JC, deMaatMP,RumleyA, Kong X, Yang Q, Williams FM, Vitart V, Campbell H, Malarstig A, WigginsKL,vanDuijnCM et al.Novel associations of multiple genetic loci with plasma levels of factor VII, factor VIII, and von Willebrand factor: The CHARGE (Cohorts for(More)
INTRODUCTION Glycerol phenylbutyrate (GPB) is approved in the US for the management of patients 2months of age and older with urea cycle disorders (UCDs) that cannot be managed with protein restriction and/or amino acid supplementation alone. Limited data exist on the use of nitrogen conjugation agents in very young patients. METHODS Seventeen patients(More)
1 Institute of Zoology, Zoological Society of London, London, United Kingdom 2 Environment and Sustainability Institute, University of Exeter, Penryn, United Kingdom 3 Centre for Ecology and Conservation, University of Exeter, Penryn, United Kingdom 4 Department of Biology, University of Ottawa, Ottawa, Canada 5 Department of Integrative Biology, University(More)
Critical to the success of future multimedia services is the ability to provide fast access to stored information via communications networks. In the Nemesis project, we focus on application control protocols for delivering stored multimedia to a user. We are exploring adaptive rate control strategies for networks of variable bandwidths and predictive(More)
How people perceive risks posed by invasive non-native plants (INNP) can influence attitudes and consequently likely influence behavioural decisions. Although some drivers of risk perception for INNP have been identified, research has not determined those for INNP in domestic gardens. This is concerning as domestic gardens are where people most commonly(More)
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