Beth Randolph

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Visual search for compound patterns was examined in observers aged 6, 8, 10, and 22 years. The main question was whether age-related improvement in search rate (response time slope over number of items) was different for patterns defined by short- versus long-range spatial relations. Perceptual access to each type of relation was varied by using elements of(More)
The development of reflexive and voluntary shifts of visual attention, as well as relations between the two forms of shifting, were examined in three groups of children (5, 7, and 9 years old), one group of young adults (24 years old), and two groups of senior adults (young seniors with an average age of 69 years, and old seniors with an average age of 81(More)
This study explores possible links between ontogenetic and microgenetic change (Werner, 1948, 1957) in the perception of stimuli with multiple levels of structure. Visual search for targets defined by local versus global structure was examined in observers aged 6, 8, 10, and 22 years. Perceptual access to each level of structure was varied by using pattern(More)
The voluntary and reflexive orienting abilities of persons with Down syndrome and fragile X syndrome, at average MA levels of approximately 4 and 7 years, were compared with an RT task. Reflexive orienting abilities appeared to develop in accordance with MA for the participants with Down syndrome but not for those with fragile X syndrome. However, both(More)
A redesigned cylindrical liner system has been implemented for use on the Atlas capacitor bank. This new design dramatically changes how the liner, glide planes and current joints of the system are formed. The previous design relied on interference of the liner with the glide plane by thermal shrink fit using liquid nitrogen coolant to form current joints.(More)
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