Beth Pettitt

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This study describes the vocal repertoire of the Guyanan golden rocket frog, Anomaloglossus beebei, a bromeliad specialist with biparental care. Using multivariate analyses of nine call properties, as well as the occurrence of nonlinear phenomena, three signal types were distinguished-advertisement, courtship, and aggressive calls. Although all three call(More)
Augmented reality is often used for interactive, three-dimensional visualization within the medical community. To this end, we present the integration of an augmented reality system that will be used to train military medics in airway management. The system demonstrates how a head-mounted projective display can be integrated with a desktop PC to create an(More)
e define a virtual environment as a set of surroundings that appear to a user through computer-generated sensory stimuli. The level of immersion—or sense of being in another world—that a user experiences within a VE relates to how much stimuli the computer delivers to the user. Thus, you can classify VEs along a virtuality continuum, illustrated in Figure(More)
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