Beth Pederson

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BACKGROUND The Saltzman-el-Khoury hindfoot alignment view (HAV) is considered the gold standard for assessing the axis from hindfoot to tibia. However, it is unclear whether radiographic alignment influences dynamic load distribution during gait. QUESTIONS/PURPOSES We evaluated varus-valgus alignment by the HAV and its influence on dynamic load(More)
BACKGROUND Improvements in cardiac mapping are required to advance our understanding and treatment of arrhythmias. This study validated a new noncontact multielectrode array catheter and accompanying analysis system to provide electroanatomic mapping of the entire left ventricular (LV) endocardium during a single beat. METHODS AND RESULTS A 9F(More)
BACKGROUND Endocardial mapping of sustained arrhythmias has traditionally been performed with a roving diagnostic catheter. Although this approach is adequate for many tachyarrhythmias, it has limitations. The purpose of this study was to evaluate a novel noncontact mapping system for assessing atrial tachyarrhythmias. METHODS AND RESULTS The mapping(More)
Stroke volume measurements made by a catheter-based, right ventricular, intracardiac impedance system at rest and during upright bicycle ergometry were found to compare favorably with measurements made by acetylene rebreathing (r = 0.96, n = 13) and by radionuclide ventriculography (r = 0.96, n = 13) in a 46-year-old male pacemaker-dependent subject. The(More)
Over the years, there have been numberous reports on the treatment of tendo Achillis ruptures. Most of these dissertations have dealt with the treatment of acute ruptures versus the more technically challenging, neglected, ancient rupture. This paper will focus on the neglected rupture, with specific attention directed towards a new technique of surgical(More)
The authors present an alternative method for securing tendon and ligaments to bone, utilizing the Mitek Anchor System. The description of the Mitek system and technique of application is presented. Technical simplicity and ease of adaptability within the foot and ankle are distinct advantages of this System.
Rate-modulated pacing modes adjust the stimulus rate by responding to sensed alterations in physiologic indexes of metabolic demand. This study was designed to determine whether right ventricular pre-ejection interval, measured in patients by a prototype pacemaker system capable of tracking intraventricular volume, changes predictably with exercise and, if(More)
50 patients with advanced gastrointestinal malignancies were treated with 5-fluorouracil (5FU), 1-(2-chloroethyl)3-(4-methylcyclohexyl)-1-nitrosourea (MeCCNU) and mitomycin C (Mito C). 43 patients, with diagnoses of colorectal, pancreatic or gastric cancer, were evaluable. 13 patients (30%) achieved complete remissions, and 4 achieved partial remissions.(More)
Sixty-six patients with advanced colorectal cancer were treated with 5-fluorouracil, Mitomycin C, and 1-(2-chloroethyl)-3-(4-methylcyclohexyl)-1-nitrosourea. Fifty-seven patients were evaluable by completing 2 months of therapy. Nine patients (16.0%) achieved a complete remission (CR) with the above combination. A partial remission (PR) was seen in 9(More)
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