Beth McKitrick-Bandy

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This paper was prepared in partial fulfillment for Doctoral Degree in Physical Therapy at Texas Woman's University in Houston, TX. Resistance training is frequently used in rehabilitation to improve musculoskeletal function. The increased ability of skeletal muscle to generate force following resistance training results from two important changes: 1) the(More)
BACKGROUND/OBJECTIVES The use of collagenase for enzymatic wound debridement has been studied extensively and has been established as the standard of care for nonhealing and necrotic wounds in individuals for whom surgical intervention is not an option. Collagenase has been shown to be effective in adults but has been studied in a limited capacity in(More)
To evaluate and treat knee problems, it is important to have an understanding of the functional anatomy of the structures about the knee joint. Injuries involving the musculature that insert or originate about the knee can cause pain leading to loss of function. The gastrocnemius muscle, primarily a plantarftexor of the ankle; is also a flexor of the knee(More)
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