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The Birthing Spirit, the Childbearing God: Metaphors of Motherhood and their Place in Christian Discipleship
BEth M. StoVEll is Assistant Professor of Biblical Studies at St. thomas University in Miami gardens, Florida. Beth holds a doctorate in Christian theology from McMaster divinity College. She hasExpand
The Crucified and Exalted King of lsrael: The Metaphor of Kingship in John's Gospel
"The Crucified and Exalted King of Israel: The Metaphor of Kingship in John's Gospel" Beth Marie Stovell McMaster Divinity College Hamilton, ON Doctor of Philosophy in Christian Theology, 2011 TheExpand
2. Waterskiing Across Metaphor’s Surface: A Linguistic and Literary Metaphor Theory
This chapter introduces an interdisciplinary metaphor theory that incorporates elements of linguistic and literary theories to provide greater insight into the use of metaphor in biblical texts and,Expand
Seeing the Kingdom of God, Seeing Eternal Life: Cohesion and Prominence in John 3:1–15 and the Apocryphal Gospels in terms of Metaphor use
This chapter focuses on the analysis the cohesion of John 3:1-15 using the categories suggested by Stanley E. Porter of personal reference, verbal aspect, connectives, and information structure,Expand
7. Blessed be the King of Israel: The Triumphal Entry and Kingship in John 12
This chapter examines the kingship metaphors in the "triumphal entry" in John 12. Scholars generally agree that kingship metaphors are in John 12. It demonstrates how the extensive use of kingshipExpand
Mapping Metaphorical Discourse in the Fourth Gospel: John's Eternal King
In Mapping Metaphorical Discourse in the Fourth Gospel, Beth M. Stovell examines the metaphor of Jesus as king throughout the Fourth Gospel using an interdisciplinary metaphor theory incorporatingExpand