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Doxorubicin is a therapeutically useful anticancer drug that exerts multiple biological effects. Its antitumor and cardiotoxic properties have been ascribed to anthracycline-mediated free radical damage to DNA and membranes. Evidence for this idea comes in part from the selection by doxorubicin from stationary phase yeast cells of mutants (petites)(More)
Human topoisomerase II, a nuclear protein involved in chromosome segregation, is the target of amsacrine and other clinically important anticancer drugs. The enzyme is expressed as alpha and beta isoforms whose mutation/down-regulation has been implicated in drug resistance. To understand the role of target mutations in cellular drug resistance, we have(More)
In this poster presentation, the author traces health communication in online spaces, especially conversations about hypothyroidism on Twitter. Specifically, the author looks at how participants on Twitter use the hashtag #hypothyroidism for patient agency and advocacy. The strength of ties between #hypothyroidism (the Twitter hashtag) and the actors(More)
Many of us are familiar with the presentation software PowerPoint. This Microsoft Office program, whether we like to admit it or not, informs the practices of our everyday life. We use PowerPoint to communicate with colleagues about budgetary concerns, to teach our students usage of effective rhetorical strategies, and we even use it to create mock(More)
Research examining women's voices in academia, women's leadership in academic and industry contexts, and their management styles in business and social spheres has been more or less steady since the late 1970s. For the last ten years, female students have accounted for approximately 57% of the students enrolled in colleges and universities around the world(More)
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