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Previous work has shown that the sieA gene of Salmonella bacteriophage P22 is located between the genes mnt and 16. We cloned DNA fragments of the region into multicopy vectors and tested the transformants for mediating superinfection exclusion. Subcloning, phenotypical tests, and DNA sequencing resulted in the identification of the sieA gene. There are two(More)
Facial animation is now attracting more attention than ever before in its 25 years as an identifiable area of computer graphics. Imaginative applications of animated graphical faces are found in sophisticated human-computer interfaces, interactive games, multimedia titles, VR telepresence experiences, and, as always, in a broad variety of production(More)
Facial expression is used as a primary way of conveying a film's message or mood. In animated features, facial animation takes on added importance, because an inanimate object or an animal that the audience doesn't usually think of as having feelings and emotions can be the star of the film. The character must convincingly exhibit a range of expressions (a(More)
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