Beth Ann Eichler

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Nationally, death rates from prescription opioid pain reliever (OPR) overdoses quadrupled during 1999-2010, whereas rates from heroin overdoses increased by <50%. Individual states and cities have reported substantial increases in deaths from heroin overdose since 2010. CDC analyzed recent mortality data from 28 states to determine the scope of the heroin(More)
BACKGROUND French law and government decisions have induced new development for home base treatments. The objective was to compare cost of home base chemotherapy (HBC) versus outpatient infusions, for non small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). METHODS 10 patients were selected in each category. D8 of their cycles was performed at home compared to outpatient(More)
Adverse reactions in anesthesia are more and more frequent. The favoring factors are multiple but the physiopathology of these reactions are not right known: non specific histamine-release, complement activation is anaphylaxis can occur. Skin tests are an very important data for the diagnosis of these accidents. Forty patients and ten healthy subjects were(More)
Asthma cannot be triggered exclusively by external causes, even allergy. For it to develop, the subject must have pathological bronchial hyper-reactivity. On the contrary, however, asthma cannot be explained solely by intrinsic causes, metabolic or endocrine. It persists only in those subjects who have bronchial hyper-reactivity. The authors suggest a new(More)
The authors report 3 cases of endobronchial metastases of visceral carcinomas (kidney, breast, pancreas). With the aid of a review of the 144 cases found in the literature, they analyse the characteristics of this special type of secondary neoplasm and their diagnostic, physiopathological and therapeutic aspects.
Serum theophylline and metabolites (methyluric acids, mono- and dimethyl xanthines) concentrations from uremic patients, either with end-stage renal failure or on peritoneal dialysis or maintenance hemodialysis, were investigated by HPLC and compared with those obtained in non-uremic subjects. We conclude that in uremic patients serum theophylline(More)