Beth Anderson

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BACKGROUND Concerns for arsenic exposure are not limited to toxic waste sites and massive poisoning events. Chronic exposure continues to be a major public health problem worldwide, affecting hundreds of millions of persons. OBJECTIVES We reviewed recent information on worldwide concerns for arsenic exposures and public health to heighten awareness of the(More)
  • Washington, Liam R O 'fallon, Frederick L Tyson, Allen Dearry, Barbara Israel, Loretta Jones +76 others
  • 2000
In the last ten years, traditional population-based biomedical research methods have been challenged due to limited community participation. Proponents for change explain that community participation, as an active partner in the research process, provides numerous benefits to research findings and public health intervention outcomes. In addition, community(More)
INTRODUCTION Consumption of meals eaten away from home, especially from fast-food restaurants, has increased in the United States since the 1970s. The main objective of this study was to examine the frequency and characteristics of fast-food consumption among adults in Michigan and obesity prevalence. METHODS We analyzed data from 12 questions about(More)
Genetic testing has grown dramatically in the past decade and is becoming an integral part of health care. Genetic nondiscrimination laws have been passed in many states, and the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act (GINA) was passed at the federal level in 2008. These laws generally protect individuals from discrimination by health insurers or(More)
Condition-specific registries are essential resources for supporting epidemiological, quality improvement, and clinical trial studies. The identification of potentially eligible patients for a given registry often involves a manual process or use of ad hoc software tools. With the increased availability of electronic health data, such as within Electronic(More)
Introduction. Women diagnosed with breast cancer at a young age are more likely to carry a cancer predisposing genetic mutation. Per the current NCCN recommendations, women diagnosed under age 50 should be referred to cancer genetic counseling for further risk evaluation. This study seeks to assess patient-reported barriers and facilitators to receiving(More)
BACKGROUND As the next generation of scientists enters the field of environmental health, it is imperative that they view their contributions in the context of global environmental stewardship. In this commentary, a group of international graduate students facilitated by three experienced environmental health scientists present their views on what they(More)
A study involving the measurement of glutathione S-transferase activities and isoenzyme distributions in human ovarian tumours has been carried out. These tumours have been obtained either at initial debulking surgery, prior to cytotoxic chemotherapy, or at second look laparotomy following chemotherapy. The response rates of these two groups to chemotherapy(More)
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