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OBJECTIVE This study evaluated the effect of a yoga breath program alone and followed by a trauma reduction exposure technique on post-traumatic stress disorder and depression in survivors of the 2004 Asian tsunami. METHOD In this non-randomized study, 183 tsunami survivors who scored 50 or above on the Post-traumatic Checklist-17 (PCL-17) were assigned(More)
In order to address the issue of whether abstract and concrete objects are categorized similarly, this paper looks at how computer scientists categorize the common concepts of their field. Using the methodology (1976) ond of Rosch and Mervis (1975) to identify the categorizations used by computer scientists, this study found that the categorization(More)
A designer's expertise rests on the knowledge and skills which develop with experience in a domain. As a result, when a designer is designing an object in an unfamiliar domain he will not have the same knowledge and skills available to him as when he is designing an object in a familiar domain. In this paper we look at the software designer's underlying(More)
In the AlterEgo project computer scientists, cognitive scientists, psychologists and engineers are working to build an intelligent wireless information management environment which can deal with changing connectivity, multiple integrated devices, and multiple information sources. The work described here argues for the utility of a rich representation of the(More)