Beth Adelson

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A designer's expertise rests on the knowledge and skills which develop with experience in a domain. As a result, when a designer is designing an object in an unfamiliar domain he will not have the same knowledge and skills available to him as when he is designing an object in a familiar domain. In this paper we look at the software designer's underlying(More)
Are abstract and concrete objects categorized similarly? In studies of psychological categories of concrete objects, Rosch and her colleagues have documented two phenomena (Rosch, Mervis, Gray, Johnson, & BoyesBraem, 1976). They found a basic level of conceptual abstraction and a perception of categorical structure based on family resemblance. To parallel(More)
The system, implemented in Malone, Lei, et al's Object Lens (88; 89), is designed to support the negotiation that is part of any collaborative endeavor. Although it will not be discussed here (see Adelson, in The Social Creation of Knowledge. Ed: E. Barrett; MIT Press), the system is intended to be used with a collaborative authoring system which(More)
In this short paper we describe an application with an <i>interactive multimedia interface</i> designed to help students develop <i>analytic and argument construction skills</i> in the context of a college level French curriculum. Using the application helps students':&amp;bull; French language comprehension.&amp;bull; Abilities to generate extended pieces(More)